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What is a maxidress?

Year after year, there is one trend that shows no signs of fading – The Maxi Dress
Whether you weat it to a social event, a casual outing or even a work function, the maxi dress is a statement outfit that never fails to impress.
We basically use the term “Maxi Dress” to describe any dress that extends to full-length. These dresses typically fit closely at the top and flow beyond the
waistline. Unlike a standard midi dress or summer frock, maxi dresses offer more coverage while being light-weight and easy to move around in

How to style in maxi dress and gowns?

1) Choose forgiving styles like a straight shape or a fit and flare maxi dress to hid
2) Pay attention to the color and the print. Solid, dark colors are slimming and can be paired with different accessories to create different looks
3) Look for the prints that flatter your build, small intricate prints like flowers suit all body types
4) Large intricate prints may not be best bit for small body types.

How to choose sleeves and neck line?
1) Avoid sleeves and deep cut neck lines if you have thick arms or a heavy bust.
2) Small women should opt for texture and definition in the top of the dress, so it does not look like they are drowned in the fabric

Stand out of the crowd and look best in the trendy fizafashions maxi dresses.