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Salwar suits, also known as Punjabi suits, are three-piece women’s ensembles. It consists of a tunic or Kameez, a pair of salwar pants, and a scarf or dupatta. The Punjabi Salwar suit, a popular ethnic outfit in India, evolved from the elaborate outfits of the Mughals.

Salwar trousers are loose-fitting and comfy, but the traditional kameez is a knee-length, loose-fitting tunic. Punjabi males wear salwar pants with a shorter tunic known as a kurta.

Salwar suits are now available in a variety of styles and colors when compared to the traditional kameez, they are more form-fitting and modern in appearance.

Consider examining the colorful variety on Fiza Fashions UAE if you wish to shop for fashionable salwar suits online. Traditional attire comes in a variety of styles, including straight Indo western, Anarkali, and Angrakha, to name a few.